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One of the primary functions of the diaphragm is respiration •think of the diaphragm like a cylinder oThe strongest cylinder would have a big top, a big bottom, and symmetrical sides oThe diaphragm is like the top of that cylinder oThe bottom of the cylinder is the pelvic floor, whose musculature will coordinate the regulation of intra-abdominal pressure that is created with the descending of the diaphragm •Besides respiration, the diaphragm has a postural function ocreates intra-abdominal pressure and the pelvic floor is active and stretches (eccentric loading) oLike wind blowing into a sail: wind makes sail open and then maintains pressure •Abdominal wall musculature: orectus abdominis (six-pack muscles) ooblique musculature that crosses the body, comes up and attaches to the rib cage oTransverse abdominis: wraps around from the back

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