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Members: Earn Free Sessions

Invite a new athlete to try out pole vault.


  • Earn 3 free practice sessions when the new athlete purchases a yearly RMPV membership.  Fill out the box below to redeem. 



HS teams

High School Team Discounts

Open to High School Athletes.  We strive to work with your school to help you reach your goals. To make it more affordable for you and your teammates, we offer:

Group training sessions for 3-10 members of your team.

  • 25% off One Yearly Membership for the whole team ($200 $150). Membership is not required.

  • 10% off Single Practice Sessions ($25 $22.50; $45 $40.50)

  • 25% off Member rate 12-pack of sessions ($275 $206) or

  • 10% off Non-Member 12-pack of sessions ($495 $445)

Sessions can be shared by all team members until depleted, then renewed at the same rate. For example, if 3 teammates attend a Monday session, 3 sessions will be debited, and your team will have 9 sessions remaining. If you prefer, each athlete can also purchase their own 12-pack at the above rate. 


A high school track and field team, for this purpose, is a minimum of 3 athletes.  Training must take place at Rocket Man during our regular sessions (Mondays, Wednesdays and/or Sundays). We do not rent poles for athletes to keep during a season; please contact the Vault House.  

Please DO NOT select and pay for the features listed above in our online store -- you will not receive this promotional deal. Rather, submit the form below to receive a quote with the specified discounts. 


Collegiate Athletes

Congratulations on your hard work, which brought you to a college team!


Take advantage of Member rates for sessions and Rocket Man Meets without purchasing a membership. 


Enjoy this 20% discount on the members' 12-pack of sessions.


Enjoy 10% off RMPV merchandise. 


Fill out the form below to get started, and in the meantime, sign up for your desired session/s and select "pay in person" to by-pass payment-- we hope to see you soon!


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