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Coach Eric "Rick" Richard




Master Pole Vaulter Coach Rick and his dad had a long-time dream to create together a pole vault family -- a community of exceptional people and products designed to bring to this sport the highest level of efficiency, safety, technical excellence ....and fun. 


In May of 2016, Coach Rick teamed up with Pete and Donna Carpentier and created a place for our new local facility where athletes can come to practice on safe equipment with experienced coaching.   We purchased a used USC pit from Coach Eric Morell (Vault House, High Point).  Coach Rick engineered our new portable runway system, which was partially manufactured by Velocity Track Systems and finished by Coach Rick and our athletes.  Sadly Rick's dad passed away in June, 2016.  We dedicated this facility and the state-of-the-art runway in Paul Richard's honor.  We know he would be thrilled!


Coach Rick began vaulting at the age of 7. Paul Richard,  Rutgers Univesity Pole Vault Coach, taught and trained Rick in their backyard. Coach Rick played football as well and sustained a catastrophic injury that left him in a body cast in traction during high school. Thus ended his football career,

but he was just getting started with what would become a

colorful, richly decorated lifetime of

pole vault achievements.  


Bridgewater-Raritan East High School had the luxury of a volunteer coach, Paul Richard, who tutored Bill Lange and Eric Richard, who came to be known as the Flying Circus. Lange cleared 16 feet, 6 inches in 1980, still the state record. Eric Richard went 16'1" (4.91m) in 1981 and captured the gold medal at the Golden West Invitational.


NEW JERSEY OUTDOOR ALL-TIME POLE VAULT LIST, 16-1 Eric Richard, Bridgewater East



Read about Coach Rick's father in this August 30, 1990 article from New Jersey's The Morning Call


March, Coach Rick became Lake Norman High School's volunteer Pole Vault Coach, leading his son Justin to a men's school record (14'6"); taking teammates Cameron Carpentier, Patrick Sheehan (NC State XC and Track) to new heights; and Abby Murn (Citadel) to a women's school record 8'6". Together they whipped up a frenzied desire among LNHS' athletes to become vaulters!  



USATF National Masters Track and Field Championships

Indoor:  #6 Richard, Eric              M51 Mooresville, NC          3.45m 11-3.75

Outdoor: #4 Richard, Eric            M51 Mooresville, NC          3.80m  12-05.50



USATF National Masters Track and Field Championships  

Outdoor: #2 Richard, Eric           M52 Mooresville, NC           3.80m   12-05.50



USATF National Masters Track and Field Championships 

Indoor: #4  Richard, Eric             M53 Mooresville, NC           3.60m  11-9.75

trying to keep up with Coach Rick

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