Rocket Man Pole Vault 

Outdoor Pole Vault training and meet facility  -  Mooresville - Lake Norman, North Carolina


NCHSAA 2019 Indoor Track and Field State Championships
Feb 8-9, 2019



Ally Richardson, Junior, Pine Lake Prep 

11' 6", 2nd place, US Milesplit Gold Elite Status, NCTCCA All-State.  

Ally’s improvement is more than 2 feet just this season.  She is currently ranked 2nd among all Juniors in NC heading into the outdoor season.  

Miranda Campbell, Senior, Newton-Conover/Discovery 

11’, 2d place, US Milesplit Silver Elite Status, NCTCCA All-State.  

Randy set new school record by 2 feet and is currently ranked 6th among all NC Seniors



Spencer Evans, Junior, Lake Norman  

15', First place, US Milesplit Gold Elite Status, NCTCCA All-State

Spencer came back from injury to jump 15’ from a short run in the State Championships, and will compete for the 2nd time at the Championship level at New Balance Nationals in March, where last year he placed 6th in the country with a jump of 16’ 1.25.”  He remains NC’s #1vaulter across all grades and divisions. 

Drew Evans, Freshman, Lake Norman 

12', 16th place.  

Bugs competed for his 7th time ever, earning a new personal best of 12’, is ranked 1st among all Freshman in NC, and is in an 18-deep tie for 34th across all grades and divisions.    



Halloween Extravaganza, 2018
27 october 2018
Jump Sesh + Clean-Up & Paint + BBQ + Prizes


NCHSAA 2018 Indoor Track and Field State Championships
Feb 8-9, 2018

1A/2A  Alex Schmerber, 10'

            Randy Campbell 

            Ally Richardson, 8' 6"

            Haleigh Kanipe, 8' 6"

3A        Ben Finger, 15', MilesplitUS Elite Gold, First Place

            Daniel Nicholson, 14', MilesplitUS Bronze, Second Place

            Matthew Eberhard, 13', MilesplitUS Bronze

            Sami Eberhard,11',  MilesplitUS Elite Silver, Third Place

4A        Spencer Evans, 15', MilesplitUS Gold, First Place

            Jonathan Lehe, 14', MilesplitUS Bronze, Fourth Place

pictured, l-r

Spencer Evans, Randy Campbell, Hadley Zucker, Coach Eric Richard, Coach Donna Carpentier, Jonathan Lehe, Ally Richardson

and the hilarious event starter in the red sweater


Darius Dixon Memorial Invitational, Liberty University, Lynchburg, VA
February 2-3, 2018

Selfie from inside 

"The Pearl"

Jonathan Lehe, 

Ally Richardson, 

Randy Campbell, Spencer Evans  


Vault in the Ville, Louisville, Kentucky
June 30-July 1, 2017

RMPV Vaulters Rachael & Katie Shubert, Ally Richardson, Hadley Zucker; Coaches Eric Richard and Donna Carpentier; Vault Factory's Coach Carl Porambo and daughter Frankie road-tripped to Louisville for this super fun street vault! 


DC Vault, Washington DC, Freedom Plaza

June 23-24, 2017

RMPV Vaulters, Freshman Ally Richardson and Freshman Hadley Zucker competed Saturday morning in Washington DC's Freedom Plaza in the shadow of the Capital Building. 

Joining us were our good friends from New Jersey, Vault Factory owner/coach Carl Porambo and daughter Frankie, and Mark Cartazzo, Masters vaulter.

Here, Hadley PRs (by over a foot) with an 11' 1" vault, followed by 3 strong attempts at 11' 7"

Hadley, 10' 6"

Hadley, 11' 1"


Summer is here!  
Our first practice was BEAST!  
June 10, 2017
Thanks @skypolevaulter for stopping by with your beauty and helping our 🚀 today! Summer is heating up! Be very intimidated by these girls-- there is NOTHING that Coach Rick, Cameron and Liam threw at them that they couldn't handle like the bosses the are!

NC Runners Elite Invitational, Marvin Ridge HS
April 29, 2017

Jessica Wynblatt  9' (new school record)                                                                                                 #1 Jonathan Lehe  14'
Rebecca Karriker 8' 6"                                                                                                                                 Andrew Anastasio   13'                                    
Katie Shubet  7' 6"                                                                                                                                       Jacob Thompson  12'
Elli Murphy  7' 6"                                                                                                                                         Peyton Stone 12'
Allly Richardson  7' 6"                                                                                                                                 Brennen Oliver  11' 6"
                                                                                                                                                                  Tristan Borlase  10' 6"

The Blue Ridge Classic, April 22, 2017

Hadley Zucker (Woodlawn) 9', 3d          
                        Ben Finger (N Gaston) 13'6", 3d
                                          Justin Richard (LNHS) 14', 1st
                                                       Daniel Nicholson (N Iredell), 13' 6", 2d

RMPV Jump Session
April 4, 2017


I Have a Dream Invitational
Pole Vault Carolina
January 18, 2017

Katie Shubert's 9' State Qualifying jump! 

JDL's Champion High School Meet
January 14, 2017

Coach Rick saw a lot of progress today, as the mid-indoor season is upon us.  

Hard work on various technical aspects is really paying off for these Rockets.  

Friend Ben Finger of N. Gaston won the event, 14'.  

In a three-way "tie" for 2d place was

Jonathan Lehe (jr, LNHS)13' 6" (fewest attempts), followed by Providence's Seth Rabinowitz and 

Justin Richard (sr, LNHS)13' 6" (with some solid swipes at 14' 6")

Tristan Borlase (soph, MHS) brought a solid 11'

Jacob Thompson (jr, LNHS) posted a great 10' 6"

Katie Shubert (soph, MHS) showed off the skills she has been so tirelessly working on, jumping 8' 6"


UCS Spirit 
National Pole Vault Summit

Reno, NV
January 12-14, 2017

High Point University's Pole Vault team competed in the college division: Rachel Berndsen, Cameron Carpentier, Isaiah Henderson, Carter Clasper, Zane Griffith and Jordan McClung, plus former HPU jumper and Scott's right-hand, Jill Marois.  

HPU Coach, Scott Houston competed in the men's elite division, alongside his friends -- various National and International record-holders and Olympians, such as Scott, Sandi Morris, Mary Saxer, Katie Nageotte, Alyssa Newman, Mike Arnold, Jeff Coover, our good friend Sean Young, and many, many more.  

We also had the opportunity to watch the college and high school meets, where new friends were made and old friends were reunited, such as me with Carl Porambo of Vault Factory and daughter vaulter Frankie 

iMovie, day 1


    Scott Houston    


Katie Nageotte


Sean Young


Sandi Morris


KMR's New Year's Eve Mee
December 31, 2016

The best way to ring out the old year and launch into the new year! 

Fantastic flights, great PRs, good friends and lots of fun!  Thanks, Coach Riggs!

photo, L to R, 

standing: Coach Rick, Jessica Brewer, Justin Richard and Jeff Tsang

sitting: Ben Watkins, Alina McDonald, Coach Riggs, Tristan Borlase, Ben Finger, Dave, Cameron Carpentier, Jonathan Lehe

hanksgiving Week Practice

ovember 22, 2016

Once again, we are treated to balmy temps, headlights replace stadium lights, and Coach Rick's own competition poles were put to good use!


All-Comers Invitational at JDL
November 19, 2016
Rocket Man Vaulters: Andrew Anastasio, Jonathan Lehe, Justin Richard, Jacob Thompson


Taking full advantage of this mild NC November despite the early darkness (the car's high-beams rival stadium lights, after all).  
November 15, 2016
Jonathan Lehe, Brennen Oliver, Tristan Borlase and Andrew Anastasio work out the kinks. 


                                                            Practice Session on a balmy and sunny November 5th, 2016

Coach Rick is the most positive coach I've ever known. His vaulters will continue to

reach for the sky. No sound the first few clips but listen all the way through;

it's guaranteed to make you smile!

Today's temps reached into the high 70s, and these vaulters reached for new heights.

Jonathan Lehe (Jr, LNHS), Jacob Thompson (Jr, LNHS) and Justin Richard (Sr, LNHS)

worked to perfect their technique. 

We are expecting a very successful RMPV season!


 Practice Session in warm, sunny NOVEMBER 

                                                                             November 3, 2016  Today our good friends at KMR Athletics, Coach Brian Riggs, Alina McDonald and                 

                                                                             Jessica Brewer joined us for a jumps session that was awe-inspiring!  

Coach Scott Kendricks Clinic and Invitational

October 29, 2016

Pole Vault Carolina (Durham, NC) hosted a pole vault clinic conducted by 2016 U.S.A. Olympic medal winning coach, Scott Kendricks. Coach Kendricks coached his son, Sam Kendricks, to a bronze medal at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio. Under his father's tutelage, Sam also set an Olympic Trials record, won 5 consecutive USA Championships, and an IAAF World Indoor silver medal. This was a very rare opportunity to learn from pole vault’s Coach K. The clinic was open to coaches and athletes of all age and skill levels. The Scott Kendricks Invitational took place immediately following the clinic. Rocket Man PV's Cameron Carpentier (Freshman, High Point University) and Jonathan Lehe (Junior, Lake Norman High School) joined Coach Carp for this wish-it-never-had-to-end day!

Beyond the valuable tips and finer points about pole vault we learned about humility, sportsmanship and strength of character. Mastery of all these things is how his son Sam Kendricks is not only an Olympian and defender of our country but a deeply good person. Thank you Pole Vault Carolina for hosting! We love our "village"!!

Rocket Man Pole Vault: the launch

October 15, 2016

Our club's Grand Opening was a huge success.  We raised a few dollars and had a lot of fun!  Although we took final delivery of the next 6 sections of our runway at 9am, our PV family all gathered to help with the assembly and leveling, and we were ready for take-off!   

Rocket Man Pole Vault: test flight

October 10, 2016

Jonathan Lehe and Justin Richard brought some poles back with them after Sunday's practice at Vault House and decided to test our runway under a late-afternoon famous Carolina blue sky.  Coach Rick was DELIGHTED!

  • This is Jonathan's "jump for joy" signature vault
    This is Jonathan's "jump for joy" signature vault

Rocket Man Pole Vault: learning to run(way) in a Hurricane (sort of)

October 7, 2016

With Hurricane Matthew looming just to the south of us, and the rain and wind making their presence known, (really? we haven't had rain in what seems like 70 days, and you choose TODAY?) the boys and Coach nonetheless set out our first 6 sections of completed runway, attached the stabilizing, adjustable feet, leveled everything.   Then, some 6 hours later, went home for a hot shower, dry clothes and some chicken soup.

Hats' off to Jonathan Lehe, Justin Richard, Andrew Anastasio and Coach Rick!  

Rocket Man Pole Vault: setting the foundation

Aug 13 & 14, 2016

Aug 18-21, 2016

Aug 30, 2016

The weather-resistant pit base is finished and the runway is being manufactured!  World, here we come!  

Rocket Man Pole Vault: 1st steps
Aug 5 & 6, 2016

Our UCS 2100 Pole Vault Pit (and standards, base cover and weather cover) is here! 

We rented a big (BIG!) truck and drove out to Vault House in High Point, NC to pick it up on Friday, August 5th.  Then we set everything up in the lot and took dimensions on Saturday morning. 

Thank you for sweating along with us, Cameron Carpentier (truck driver and hauler), Andrew Anastasio, Jonathan Lehe, High Point University PV Coach Scott Houston, and Coach Eric Richard (and me, Donna).  We did sweat, and some of us may have been a little sore, but OMG we had so much fun!
.................4A West
Outdoor Track and Field
Regional Championships
          May 2016

Lake Norman High School Girls:

Katy Ellis (Soph)  7'00"

Lake Norman High School Boys:

Jonathan Lehe (Soph) 13'00" 

Andrew Anastasio (Jr) 12'6"

Cameron Carpentier (Sr) 11'0"

Mooresville High School Boys:

Liam Dixon (Sr) 15'00"                               (1st place)

4A Indoor Track and Field State Championships, Feb 2016

Four Lake Norman High School Pole Vaulters met qualification standards of 11'6" this year to compete in the NCHSAA 4A State Championships:  According to NCHSAA rules, only 3 may compete (it's a first for Lake Norman, and what a good problem to have!)  

Complete Results can be viewed here:  

Andrew Anastasio (Jr), 17th place, 11'00"
Cameron Carpentier (Sr), 11th place, 12'00"
Justin Richard (Jr) (DNS)
Brennen Oliver (Jr), 15th place, 11'06"