Rocket Man Pole Vault 

Outdoor Pole Vault training and meet facility  -  Mooresville - Lake Norman, North Carolina

C o a c h   R i c k ' s       FOUR  P  FORMULA      
Passion  +  Persistence   +   Patience   +   Progress   =   Positive Results/PRs


Spring/Outdoor Season 2021

USATF Membership club code13-1088
AAU Membership club code WY8ECD
membership in both is required for all athletes
(AAU not required for athletes under 18 years old)


RMPV Practices:
Mondays and Wednesdays 
5:30pm - 7:30pm

Members $20/session
Non-Members $40/session

weather permitting 
for updates join "RMPV NOTIFICATIONS" in the app GroupMe 

maximum capacity: 7 
minimum to hold session: 3
you MUST sign up in advance on our calendar

Do NOT come if you're sick or have been exposed
Bring your Covid-19 waiver (below)
$150 pole rental, $175 for non-members
 High School athletes special 
Covid-Season (April-June) 
Pole Rental Rate
 due now 
payable in person or in our store

Submit your USATF and AAU Membership numbers,
paperwork and payments 
before you're allowed to participate.  
See club info for more information 

Your first session is free of charge, just bring
your signed waiver 
and the signed Covid waiver

We do not offer private lessons at this time

*Rocket Man Club Members can now purchase your $50 add-on membership to The Vault House here


Facility Records 

Achieved during USATF Sanctioned RMPV meets

Official List


Austin Miller          18'9.75"/ 5.73m   July 22, 2020

Devin King             18' 5.5"/ 5.62m   July 10, 2019

Austin Miller          18' 5" / 5.61m     June 3, 2020

Matt Ludwig           18"1.75"/5.53m   July 22, 2020

Matt Ludwig           17' 11.75/ 5.48m  July 10, 2019

Michael Cyphers      17' 0" / 5.19m    June 19, 2019  

Alex Geniesse         16' 0" / 4.88m    July 11, 2018              

Ian West                15' 9" / 5.80m    June 3, 2020

Jackson Widener     15 '8" / 4.78m    July 12, 2017              

Austin Hicks          15'5.75/4.72m     July 22, 2020

Ben Finger             15' 2"  / 4.63m   July 3, 2017              

Ross Stevenson       15' 0"/ 4.57m     July 22, 2020

Wyatt Stewart        14'6"/4.42m       July 22, 2020

Jonathan Lehe        12' 0" / 3.66m   June 6, 2017


Katie Nageotte       15'5.5"/4.70m     July 22, 2020

Alina McDonald      14'9.5/4.51m       July 22, 2020

Megan Zimlich &     14' 1.5" / 4.30m  July 10, 2019

         Jill Marois

Jill Marois             13' 6" / 4.12m      June 19, 2019

Marissa Kalsey       13'4"/4.07m         July 15, 2020

Robin Bone            13'0"/3.97m         July 22, 2020

Siobhan Szerencisits 12'8"/3.86m       July 22, 2020

Kenna Stimmel       12'6"/3.81m         July 22, 2020

Jill Marois             12' 5.25" / 3.79m  July 11, 2018

Jenna Saxton         10' 11" /  3.35m    July 11, 2018

Morgan Fijalksowski 10'7"/3.24m       June 13, 2020

Amelia Johnson       10'2"/3.1m         June 24, 2020

Miranda Campbell    10'0"/3.05m      July 22, 2020 

Maguire Holahan     9' 10"/ 3.00m      July 17. 2019

Jessica Wynblatte   9'6"/ 2.90m          June 6, 2017

Miranda Campbell   9' 5.25"/2.87m      July 11, 2018              


RMPV Grand Opening took place Saturday, October 15, 2016 under Carolina Blue (sometimes cloudy) skies and perfect temps in the low 70s.  Jumpers from High Point University's Pole Vault team (Coach Scott Houston, Jill Marois, Heather Keck, and Isiah Henderson); Alina McDonald and Coach Riggs from KMR: Mooresviile and Lake Norman vaulters were launching to new heights, and you can relive all the excitement -- check out the pictures and videos (in the Photo Gallery link, above), starting with the one just below of Jonathan Lehe's spectacular trumpet performance of our National Anthem.

Rocket Man Pole Vault
126 Exmore Road
Mooresville, NC 28117

126 Exmore, Mooresville, NC, 28117

athletes' paperwork expiration dates, attendance, and any outstanding balances

Your support helps us to offer world-class equipment, training and coaching. 

Your donations are greatly appreciated!

  federal tax i.d. number 81-3615525

THANK YOU to our generous donors:

Nick and Frankie David

David Day

The Thompson Family

Casey Roche

Richard Ishler

Charlotte Running Company, Lake Norman/                   Todd & Erica Joefreda, and Kelly Jenco

Pisces Restaurant, Mooresville / Raymond Lau

L&H Plumbing Contractors 

Kip's Home Improvements

Beth & Will Dixon

Twin Star International

Toyota Racing Team

Bond Mfg / Pete Carpentier

Bull Grills / Robbie Basinger

Greg and Kimberly Sheehan 

Tim and Wendy Portelance 

Bruce Wodder

Denise and Kevin Oliver

Eric & Liz Richard

Pete and Donna Carpentier

Thank You

We often hear that it takes a village and nowhere is that MORE true than in Pole Vaulting.   The coaches and vaulters we now call "family"  have helped, supported, celebrated, cheered, and commiserated with us all, from the home-field practice to High Point's Vault House to JDL FastTrack to Pole Vault Carolina to KMR Athletics, The Armory, NC A&T, The Akron PV Convention, The Olympic Trials and beyond, we honor you, we salute you and most of all we thank you:  

Coach Eric Richard, Rocket Man PV

Coach Eric Morell, Vault House

Coach Scott Houston, HPU; Vault House

Coach Brian Riggs, KMR Athletics

Coach Jose SanMiguel, Pole Vault Carolina

Elite Vaulters Sean Young, Kat Majester,

     Aaron Unterberger, Austin Miller, Michael     

     Cyphers, Jill Marois

Elite Vaulter and Vlogger Shawn Francis

Coach Stokes, Lake Norman HS

Jeff George, NCMilesplit

Bill Kiser, Charlotte Observer

Craig Longhurst, JDL FastTrack

Greg Sheehan 

Liam Dixon and family

Joe Popek and family

Ben Finger and family

Carlos Neber Sosa Segovia

Jeff Tsang

Photos By Drac
for awesome pole vault action photos from
many, many meets, such as the 2018 Charlotte Street Vault