Rocket Man Pole Vault 

Outdoor Pole Vault training and meet facility      Mooresville - Lake Norman, North Carolina

C o a c h   R i c k ' s       FOUR  P  FORMULA      Passion  +  Persistence   +   Patience   +   Progress   =   Positive Results/PRs


Indoor/Winter Season:  September - March 
Tuesdays & Thursdays, 4:30 pm; Saturdays, 10:30am 
we have modified the schedule as the days grow shorter 

$100 pole rental for the season is due now 
(payable in person or in our store).

Our Club is located at 126 Exmore Rd in Mooresville, North Carolina, 30 miles north of Charlotte

Submit your
paperwork and payments before you're allowed to participate;  
see club info for more information 
We do not offer private lessons at this time

Click the green button above to view the spreadsheet which shows all athletes' paperwork expiration dates, attendance, and any outstanding balances

Photos By Drac
for awesome pole vault action photos from
many, many meets, such as the 2018 Charlotte Street Vault


Facility Records Achieved during USATF Sanctioned RMPV meets

Alex Geniesse         16' 0" / 4.88m     July 11, 2018               Jill Marois       12' 5.25" / 3.79m     July 11, 2018        

Jackson Widener     15 '8" / 4.78m     July 12, 2017               Hadley Zucker  11' 6"     /  3.50m    July 12, 2017

Ben Finger             15' 2"  / 4.63m     July 3, 2017               Hadley Zucker   11'2"      /  3.40m    July 3, 2017  

Jonathan Lehe        12' 0" / 3.66m     June 6, 2017               Hadley Zucker  10' 00"   /  3.05m    June 6, 2017

RMPV Grand Opening took place Saturday, October 15, 2016 under Carolina Blue (sometimes cloudy) skies and perfect temps in the low 70s.  Jumpers from High Point University's Pole Vault team (Coach Scott Houston, Jill Marois, Heather Keck, and Isiah Henderson); Alina McDonald and Coach Riggs from KMR: Mooresviile and Lake Norman vaulters were launching to new heights, and you can relive all the excitement -- check out the pictures and videos (in the Photo Gallery link, above), starting with the one just below of Jonathan Lehe's spectacular trumpet performance of our National Anthem.

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