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Pole Check-out

Pole Check-out


Members can check out up to 4 poles to use at a meet. $20 if paid in person in cash. 

All checked out poles are due back at Rocket Man before the start or the next scheduled practice session. 

Late fees will be charged for every day/practice they are not returned at a

rate of $10 per pole per session missed. 

If you've pre-arranged for Rocket Man staff member to coach you at your meet, he will transport your poles at no extra charge. Be sure to arrange coaching WELL in advance.  

  • Pole Insurance

    Members are covered by pole insurance against breakage or damage. You are responsible only for the deductible (varies by pole, usually $175-$300).

    Non-club athletes are responsible for replacement costs, shipping, and fees (from $450 to several thousand dollars, depending on the pole).  

  • Waiver

Once in checkout,

continue through the process.

The option to pay later manually (cash/check) and receive your discount is on the final page. 

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