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One-year Vault House Add-On Membership

One-year Vault House Add-On Membership


$75 if paid in cash in person.


This One-Year Vault House Add-On Membership offers an exciting opportunity to stretch your Rocket Man membership further! For just $75, you can get member rates at our sister club's indoor facility in High Point, NC, along with all other member perks, such as lower pole rental rates, member-rate meet entries, and more.  Take advantage of this great offer and start pushing your pole vault journey even higher today!





    No Refunds

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    Must be a current RMPV Member. This same offer is available to Vault House members to add on Rocket Man membership. 

    Visit The Vault House website for further information on their awesome facility, directions, session schedules, and more.

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The option to pay later manually (cash/check) and receive your discount is on the final page. 

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