Rocket Man Pole Vault 

Outdoor Pole Vault training and meet facility  -  Mooresville - Lake Norman, North Carolina

what do I bring to my first practice?

signed waiver 

1st session is free 

Please contact us for more information

All FEES are payable in person (cash, check) or in our store, and are non-refundable
Cost per calendar year
Session fee
 $20 (or prepay $140 for 8 sessions)
 $40 (or prepay $280 for 8 sessions)
Off-site Short-Term pole rental opportunity* 
 Yes: $20 per pole (additional $20 per pole per session missed)
 Yes: $40 per pole (additional $40 per pole per session missed)
Opportunity for private coaching at meets**
 Yes (must be reserved in advance)
 RMPV Meet Fees
 Includes USATF Insurance 
 Pole Break Fee
 deductible (varies by pole)
 full replacement cost + fees and shipping

For school or individual rental poles, contact The Vault House

* Members and Non-Members may borrow pole(s) for use at off-site meets                       

$20 (members) per pole borrowed
$40 (non-members) per pole borrowed  

Fee covers insurance (pay deductible only in the event of breakage).  
There is an additional charge of $20/$40 per pole per session for poles not retuned prior to the session. 

example:  You need 3 poles for your high school meet, and you check them out after a Monday practice session for a Tuesday meet.  
Members will pay $60; non-members, $120. If those poles are not returned before Wednesday's practice session, an additional $60/$120 will be charged.
If a RMPV coach is scheduled to be at that meet and is bringing poles with him/her, this fee will be waived.

** Off-Site Coaching  Members may request private coaching at meets where Rocket Man is not already scheduled to coach.  Coaches' rates are negotiable and will be based on availability, distance traveled and time required.  Coaches require 1-2 weeks advance notice.  Please contact us.