Rocket Man Pole Vault 

Outdoor Pole Vault training and meet facility  -  Mooresville - Lake Norman, North Carolina


Rocket Man Athletes: please fill out this questionnaire and email it to Donna Carpentier


Cameron Carpentier

Lake Norman High School, Mooresville, NC Class of 2016

Cross Country: 2012-2015

                                 PR:  21:30

        Track and Field, Indoor, Pole Vault: 2014 & 2015 & 2016

                                 Outdoor, Pole Vault: 2014 & 2016 (missed the end of Indoor 2015 and Outdoor 2015 due                                              to a severed ACL, right knee)

                                 Pole Vault Team Captain, Indoor and Outdoor: 2014/15, 2015/16

                                 PR:  12-0

High Point University, High Point, NC Class of 2020

         Track and Field, Walk-on, Pole Vault, 2017, 2018

                                 PR:   13-0

Why pole vault?  Pole vaulting is extremely fun, it makes you feel free in a way.

When did you begin Pole Vault?  I began pole vaulting my sophomore year of high school track toward the end of the indoor season. My mom and Mr Sheehan were the distance coaches, and Coach Sheehan took me with him to Vault House one day over Christmas Break.  I was hooked, but we didn't have a PV coach at Lake Norman so there was not much I could do to improve, and I went to Vault House a lot that spring. Luckily for me Coach Rick became our volunteer PV Coach that year during the outdoor season, and that's when everything changed for me.

What is your biggest metal challenge in Pole Vault? My biggest mental challenge is getting over the fear of messing everything up.

Best memory since you began Pole Vaulting?  My best memory of pole vaulting is when Coach took me and a few others to Akron, Ohio to jump in a competition. I met and got to know Shawn Barber, Sam Kendricks and so many other inspiring vaulters. Also, when Milesplit-NCRunners named our high school PV team #1 in the state across all divisions this spring, that was cool.   

My worst memory is when I tore my ACL in Akron, Ohio, at that same meet the following year; I had to have surgery and the rehab time seemed forever.  

Who is your hero?  I would say my hero is my mom because she goes through a lot and fights hard to still come out on top. When I see what she has gone through (like putting off hip replacement for three years so she could stay in coaching as long as possible, finally having it and a year later she ran a 10k), I think to myself that my life really isn't that tough.


Jonathan Lehe

Lake Norman High School, Mooresville, NC Class of 2018

        Track and Field Pole Vault: 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018

                                 PR:  14' 6"

                                 Marshall University High School Meet, Feb 24, 2018

Why pole vault?The flying and falling sensation as well as the power in the movements makes pole vault a truly unique and incredibly fun sport.

When did you begin pv? End of indoor season, 2015

Who are your heros? Eric Richard, Lazaro Borges, Lavillenie, Sam Kendricks.

What is the best advice you were ever given (pv related or not)? Coach Ricks 4 P’s, Passions, Persistence, Patience, Progress = PR

What is your long-term goal in pv and what will you do to reach that goal? To reach 16 feet by the end of my high school career, attempt the state record, vault in college, vault for the military and reach the Olympic trials 

What has been the biggest sacrifice since becoming a vaulter? Time. Every spare second is occupied building a pit, running, lifting, jumping, driving. It requires extreme dedication.

What do you feel is the single most important aspect of training for you ? Being there, getting it done, and not quitting. Too many people slack off and half do things, and I want to focus on finishing tasks, not cutting corners, and progressing without regressing.

What other activity or sport do you participate in? Marching band 

Top 5 priorities in your life?  God, Family, Pole Vault, Military, Country

Best and worst memories since you’ve been pole vaulting Best: The first day of pole vault, feeling in WAY over my head and thinking, I can’t do this, to becoming the 7th best in the state. Worst: A lull in the season where I hit 12 and then couldn’t hit it again for so long, it was excruciating.

Proudest moment in PV: Not being able to hit 12 for SO long, pushing myself hard and bouncing back from a disappointing 11’6 to bombing 13 feet and a surprise qualification for states.

What’s your nutrition advice or go-to breakfast/meal? Despite Cameron’s tradition of taco bell, I like to have bananas for nerves, lots of pasta, and a good chicken and salad.

Do you have a pre-competition ritual associated with your superstition? Mrs. Carpentier’s famous motivation/relaxation speech that made me PR 3 TIMES!!!  

Anything you’d like to add? I have been incredibly blessed to be a part of this program, the amount of coincidences that have led me to this situation has been incredible. From meeting Cameron in band, to joining and thinking, eh it will be a good workout, to finding out I’m good at this, to have such incredible coaching nearby, to be able to participate in Rocket Man, to finding out that the Air Force has incredibly good vaulting, it has just been surreal. Everything lines up perfectly. Two years ago, I never would have even DREAMED of vaulting, now it is my life.

Andrew Anastasio

Lake Norman High School, Mooresville, NC Class of 2017

        Cross Country: 2013/14-2014/15

                                 PR:  22:05

        Track and Field Pole Vault: 2015, 2016, 2017

                                 PR:  13' 6"

                                 NCHSAA 4A West Regionals, May 13, 2017

Why pole vault? I have always had an interest in flying, and no other sport really offers that opportunity, except for Pole-vault. 
When did you begin PV?  I began pole vault my freshman year, what a year who knew I would be jumping from 9ft to almost 13ft!
What is your long-term goal in PV and what will you do to reach that goal? My long-term goal is to hit 14ft and possibly make it to Nationals!
What is your biggest mental challenge in PV?  My biggest mental challenge would have to be the "swing" I just can't seem to get one of the major parts down. 
What do you feel is the single most important aspect of training for you?  I feel that the most important aspects to training is stretching and the speed training+ bar workouts.
Favorite book/movie My Favorite book would have to be Bioshock and my favorite movie would have to be Cabin in the Woods.
Top 5 priorities in your life 1, Get a motorcycle;  2, Become an officer in the Air Force;  3, acquire my pilots license; 4, Buy a house; 5, live the rest of my days  
Best and worst memories since you’ve been pole vaulting Well one of the worst times I remember pole vaulting are falling from 10 feet and landing in the box. But the best memory by far was qualifying for the state meet and getting a new PR. Also finding out we have the best pole vault team in the whole state!
Proudest moment in PV, Qualifying for states by vaulting off our competition
What’s your nutrition advice or go-to breakfast/meal?  I would have to say a toasted frozen waffle with a proportional amount of Chocolate Ice-cream  covering the waffle. It supplies me with all the most important breakfast nutrients!
Anything you’d like to add? I would just like to thank the Carpentiers for all their support! I Don't think I would be anywhere close to where I am today without them. I still remember from the very beginning when I first meet them during my freshman year of cross country. I didn't know many people on the team but after talking to Mrs. Carpentier (coach at the time) who was very enthusiastic about the year and very thoughtful sent me with Cameron and Micheal to show me the ropes of cross country. Later in the school year Track started and I was looking for a sport to run in.  I started practicing for the 800 but shorty after realized that it wasn't for me. I came across pole vault one day noticing that Cameron and Michael where talking about it so I thought,  why not give it a shot. Now flash forward and here we are today with the #1 pole vault team in North Carolina! Also not to mention the best coaches! These years of high school are flying by and I'm glad we are all still sticking together. Now we have the Rocket Man Pole Vault club, which seemed like it was in the far future, but is finally here! And I'm so happy to be a part of it!

Liam Dixon 

Mooresville High School, Mooresville, NC, Class of 2016

           Track and Field, Indoor, Pole Vault, 2014, 2015 & 2016

                                 Indoor Records

                                 14-3.5  23d    New Balance National Indoor Championships, 3/2016

                                 15-0      3d     NCHSAA 4A Indoor State Indoor Championships, 2/2016

           Track And Field, Outdoor, Pole Vault, 2014-2018

                                 Outdoor Records

                                 15-0    1st      NCHSAA 4A West Regional Championships, 5/2016

                                 15-6    1st      North Piedmont Conference Championships, 5/2016

                                 15-9    1st      Iredell County Championships, 4/2016

                                 15-0    1st      Lake Norman Home Meet, 4/2016

                                 15-7.75 1st    High Point University Vertklasse Meeting, 4/2016

                                 15-8.25 5th   Notre Dame Invitationals, 1/2018

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC, Class of 2020

                                 15' 11" Weems Baskin Invitational, March 23-24, 2018

Why pole vault?  I began participating in track and field in middle school and when I got to high school, pole vault was an event I wanted to try. Once I started vaulting and getting over the fear of catapulting my body in the air over a bar there was no turning back.

Coach Rick is one of the most enthusiastic people I’ve met when it comes to this event. He has given me a lot of advice during our time together, one of those pieces of advice came after I pulled my hamstring he told me, “Injuries suck, just keep your head in it and don’t give up.” 

One of my best memories is when I qualified for the 2015 New Balance National Emerging Elite for the first time, and traveled to New York City with Coach Rick and the other vaulters. I earned 3rd place with a vault of 14-10.25 in the finals.

I have begun to put more emphasis on speed training, speed plays a major role in the vault. The faster you run, the easier it is to jump high.


Jacob Thompson
Lake Norman High School, Mooresville, NC Class of 2018
        Cross Country: 2015 & 2016
                                PR 5k: 21:13
        Track and Field 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
                                 PR: 12' 6"  Mooresville Home Meet, March 22, 2018

When did you begin pole vault?  Sophomore year
What do you feel is the single most important aspect of pole vaulting for you?  Getting out on a regular basis and actually vaulting.
In what other activities/sports do you participate?  Sailing, cross country
Favorite movie? The A Team
Best and worst memories since you've been pole vaulting?  Best - my first meet; worst - breaking my nose.
What's your go-to breakfast meal?  Mom's peanut butter and banana smoothie.

Jessica Wynblatt

Lake Norman High School, Mooresville, NC Class of 2018
        Cross Country: 2014, 2015, 2016
                                PR 5k: 19:35
        Track and Field 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018
                                 PR: 9' 6"  RMPV Summer Series #1, June 6, 2017

Why pole vault?  This is the first sport that I like not only because of the satisfaction of reaching a new PR, but also I just genuinely enjoy pole vaulting itself. It’s a fulfilling thrill.
When did you begin PV?  I began pole vaulting my freshman year when two of my friends and one of the older pole vaulters at my school convinced me to give it a try.
What is your long-term goal in PV and what will you do to reach that goal?  My long-term goal in the pole vault is to always be striving for that next PR. I like to think that if I set my mind to something and put in the work, I can achieve it.
What is your biggest mental challenge in PV?   I can sometimes psych myself out. When that happens I get back into a positive mindset by focusing and tuning everything else out. I just focus on my vault. Visualizing helps a lot with that.
What do you feel is the single most important aspect of training for you?   The most important aspect of training for me is my coaches. They are so helpful and knowledgeable about the sport and provide me with all the tools I need to improve. I’m very thankful.
Favorite book/movie   Movie: Boyhood    Book: Cinder
Proudest moment in PV  When I vaulted 9’6” at Regionals and made the state meet. [2017 South Piedmont and 4A West, Ed.]
What’s your nutrition advice or go-to breakfast/meal?   Lots of fruit 😊
Anything you’d like to add? I’m so glad that I’m surrounded by such an excellent group of people. The pole-vault community is so welcoming and encouraging and I am very thankful for that.