Rocket Man Pole Vault 

Outdoor Pole Vault training and meet facility      Mooresville - Lake Norman, North Carolina

Welcome to Rocket Man Pole Vault

Here is the general functioning and schedule of our club's practice sessions

There are 3 seasons in our year:
Indoor (Sept 1 – Feb 15)
Outdoor (Feb 16 – June 9)   
Summer (June 10 – Aug 31)

What do I need to bring to my first practice:

Signed Waivers & Forms (link above)
USATF Membership Number 
required beginning September 1, 2017 in order to be covered under the club insurance 

Fall Practice Sessions & Fees:
Sept 1  Sept 28- Feb 15 
Tuesdays and Thursdays, 4 pm
Saturdays 10:30 am  

*Practice Fee: 
$20 per session or $140 for a block of 8 sessions (never expire), 
to be paid before each practice session 
cash or check, payable to Donna Carpentier; or a credit card can be used on our website and in person   

- to be paid before any practice is allowed
- is required of each athlete 
- Includes administrative fees, USATF Club fees, coaching and pole rentals

Fall/Indoor (Sept 1 Sept 28 – Feb 15), $150 $125
Spring/Outdoor (Feb 16 – June 9), $150
Summer (June 10 – Aug 31), $100

We rent a supply of poles from Vault House in High Point for our athletes to use and share during our jump sessions and we transport them to most of our athletes' meets. This program provides our athletes with a progression of poles that we can continually trade in and out, and covers the athlete's insurance deductible against breakage. Individual poles can cost from $400 to $1500 to purchase/replace, but if you break a pole you will only need to pay a moderate percentage ($100-$200 generally) making this program a great value.   Please be aware that we might not always have the exact pole you wish to use readily available, but we always make the effort to get it asap.  
Please note: for school or individual rental poles from Vault House for the season, please contact coach Eric Morell, [email protected]

Pole Use and Care Rules:
Poles must be transported in a protective carrier or other covering.
Poles must not be left on the ground during practices and competitions; rest them on a stand, fence, in their protective carrier, etc.
Damage must be reported to coach immediately: spike damage/scratches/punctures/scrapes; breaks; etc.
Poles broken by an athlete will be paid for by that athlete (deductible amount will be communicated to us by Vault House)

Safety: Pole Vault is one of most dangerous sports there is. We adhere to the strictest of safety standards and practices and expect our athletes to do the same. Our facility boasts a state-of-the art raised, aluminum-frame rubberized runway and raised UCS 2100 pit and standards.  
If, for any reason, it is deemed unsafe to jump, we will NOT jump. For example, twice recently we have called off practice after it had already begun due to lightening or heavy rain (in these cases we do not charge you for the session).   

We insist that our athletes:
  1. never take foolish risks; 
  2. be in good health and inform us of illnesses or injuries, past or current;
  3. always respect the equipment, coaches, officials and each other; 
  4. never vault without a certified pole vault coach paying close attention to you; and, 
  5. never jump in unsafe conditions or on unsafe, broken, faulty equipment (when in doubt, ask us too evaluate)  

We try to offer a variety of competition opportunities for RMPV athletes of all ages and abilities, from Beginner to Elite and Youth to Master.  High School athletes have options to compete for their schools (HS), as an unattached athlete (una), or as a club member.  

See our Calendar for each season's offerings.  Prices per athlete per meet vary, but most are $20 or less.  Each listing will clarify which affiliations are open (HS, unattached or club).  We also send emails to members prior to meets we plan to attend with details such as place, price, how to register, registration deadlines, transportation and/or lodging info and more.  

Whenever we can register you and pay fees online (necessary for MOST meets), I will do that and ask for reimbursement.  Sometimes an athlete must register her/himself, and that is mostly done through one of these following sites (where you will need to have or create an account):  

When we travel out of town we will communicate to you as early as possible all the details.  However, we will no longer pre-book and pre-pay for hotel rooms.  We will let you know where we are staying and get group rates whenever possible, then let you know so that you can make arrangements to stay in the same place with us.  Generally Coach Rick and I take the van and the poles and try to book hotels which offer free breakfast.  Sometimes we take more than one vehicle and will certainly take as many passengers as we can fit!