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Coach Rick's 
Passion + Persistence + Patience + Progress
= Positive Results/PRs


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Thursday, Aug 24 at 5:00 PM - 7:30 PM
Saturday, Aug 26 at 10:30 AM - 2:00 PM
Tuesday, Aug 29 at 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Thursday, Aug 31 at 4:00 PM - 7:00 PM



for Pole Vaulters

Carlos Salum

Founder, Salum International Resources, Inc.

Leadership Performance Strategy

[email protected]


Saturday, September 16, 2017


$50 per person

pay online or at the door

RMPV HQ, large conference room

Your Key Benefits as a Participant:

  1. Understand the essential components of Peak Performance in pole vaulting

  2. Manage of your emotional states under pressure

  3. Consistent, positive behavior which favors a more precise strategic focus

  4. Understand how to train the stress/recovery response to perform better in competition

  5. Heightened sense of self-esteem, of being a strong competitor and resilient fighter

  6. Deep understanding of how to design your Breakthrough and Peak Performance plan.

As a pole vaulter you want to…


    Stay Cool Under pressure


    Enjoy tough challenges


    Improve Constantly


    Manage Emotions Effectively


    Stop and prevent “choking”


    Recover from slumps


    Win more competitions


  • You can become a great pole vaulting competitor when you learn to compete in the Ideal Performance State by managing your physical and emotional energy
  • If your emotions are not tuned-up to endure competitive stress, you will show inefficient behaviors such as tanking, anger or choking
  • The most unusual emotional behavior under competitive pressure is the challenge response, a state of positive emotion under the most intense pressure (“loving the battle”).
  • The same skills you learn in high performance pole vaulting will be applicable to your role as a peak performer in other areas of your life


  •  What is Peak Performance?
  •  Peak Performers' Markers
  •  The Physiology of Emotions
  •  Four Responses to Pressure
  •  Energy Quadrants
  •  The Ideal Performance State
  •  The Peak Performance Model
  •  Stress - Recovery Waves
  •  IPS Management Rituals in Pole Vaulting
  •  Emotional Skills Training
  •  Training Goals, Structure and Rituals
  •  Mental preparation for Competition
  •  Post-Competition Analysis


  •  Periodization Training
  •  Relaxation and Visualization Exercises
  •  Breathing patterns
  •  Pressure Drills
  •  Video-Analysis
  •  Monitoring Charts
  •  Performance-measurement Tools
  •  Keeping a Training Diary
  •  The Food and Mood Connection
  •  Recovery Training
  •  The Power of Habits
  •  Leading by Example and Emulation
  •  Autonomy and the Authorship of Success

Please RSVP by September 1 to [email protected]

Rocket Man Pole Vault Summer Series 2017 
WOMEN: 11'6" Hadley Zucker, 7-12-17   
MEN: 15'8" Jackson Widener, 7-12-17                                

Congrats to all of our athletes who jumped so well in your
NCHSAA and NCISAA State Championships 2017! 

The competition this year was tougher than we’ve seen in past years; you talented vaulters were in great company with your talented peers!  Coach Rick and I are so proud of the hardworking athletes you are, but even more so, of the incredible people of high character and role models of good sportsmanship you all are — ALL of you, whether you jumped yesterday or not!

Andrew Anastasio, LNHS, 4A, 13’ 6”, 10th Place, MileSplitUS Elite Bronze
Jonathan Lehe, LNHS, 4A, 14’, 2nd place, MileSplitUS Elite Silver
Spencer Evans, LNHS, 4A, 13’ 6” 9th place, MileSplitUS Elite Bronze
Jessica Wynblatt, LNHS, 4A, 9’, 12th place, MileSplitUS Elite Bronze
Ben Finger, N Gaston, 3A, 14’ 6”, 2d place, MileSplitUS Elite Silver
Daniel Nicholson, N Iredell, 13’ 6”, 6th place, 3AMileSplitUS Elite Bronze
Sami Eberhard, Weddington, 3A, 10’, 5th place, MileSplitUS Elite Bronze
Andie Hubbard, Bandys, 2A, 8’ 6”, 7th place, MileSplitUS Elite Bronze
Lindsey Dotson, Pine Lake Prep, 1A, 9’, 3d place, MileSplitUS Elite Bronze
Ally Richardson, Pine Lake Prep, 1A, 8’ 6”, 6th place, MileSplitUS Elite Bronze
Hadley Zucker, Woodlawn, NCISAA 1A  10’, 1st place, MileSplitUS Elite Bronze

RMPV Regionals Qualifiers:
4A (qualifying requirement: men,12' 0" (3.65m); women, 9' 0"(2.74m), or top 16)
Lake Norman High School 
Andrew Anastasio, 13’;  Spencer Evans, 12’6”;  Jonathan Lehe, 14’;   Justin Richard, 14’6”;  Jacob Thompson, 12’6” 
Once again, for the 4th or 5th consecutive time —and it’s a GREAT problem to have!— LNHS has too many qualifiers, FIVE, and allowed to take only THREE to Regionals.  Those three will be Andrew, Jonathan and Spencer
Jessica Wynblatt, new school record holder, 9’

Mooresville High School
Men: Tristan Borlase,  11'
Women: Katie Shubert, 8' 6"; Becca Karriker, 8'

3A (men 12' 0"  (3.65m); women  8' 6" (2.59m))
North Gaston HS
Ben Finger, 14’ 8”
Men: Matthew Eberhard, 13’6”
Women, Sami Eberhard, 10'
North Iredell:
Daniel Nicholson, 13’
Garrett Gibson, 12’ 
2A (men  11' 0"  (3.04m), women 7' 6"  (2.28m))
East Lincoln: Peyton Stone, 13’
           (PR as of April 22, 11’; New PR 12’ on April 29; New PR 13’ May 1)
1A/2A (men  10' 0" (3.04m), women 7' 6"  (2.28m))
Pine Lake Prep
Women: Lindsey Dotson, 8’; Ellie Murphy, 7’6”; Ally Richardson, 7’6"
Woodlawn School: Hadley Zucker, 10'

New Balance Indoor Track and Field Nationals

March 10-12, 2017

The Armory, New York City


Congratulations to RMPV's 

Emerging Elite Qualifiers:

Justin Richard, LNHS, Sr

Ben Finger, N Gaston, Jr

Congratulations to our RMPV athletes who competed in the

2017 NCHSAA 4A Indoor Track and Field
State Championships

Tristan Borlase, So, Mooresville HS
Katie Shubert, So, Mooresville HS
Andrew Anastasio, Sr,  Lake Norman HS
Jacob Thomspon, Jr, Lake Norman HS
Justin Richard, Sr, Lake Norman HS
and Jonathan Lehe, Jr, Lake Norman HS,

RMPV Grand Opening took place
Saturday, October 15, 2016 under Carolina Blue
(sometimes cloudy) skies and perfect temps in the low 70s.
Jumpers from High Point University's Pole Vault team; Alina McDonald and Coach Riggs from KMR: Mooresviile and Lake Norman vaulters were launching to new heights, and you can
relive all the excitement -- check out the pictures and videos (in the Photo Gallery link, above), starting with the one just below of Jonathan Lehe's spectacular trumpet performance of our National Anthem.

Lake Norman High School 

Men's 2016

Pole Vault Team




in North Carolina, all classes


-Coach Eric Richard-

Congratulations to the Lake Norman's Pole Vault Team members named in the rankings, listed alphabetically:

Andrew Anastasio

Michael Berg

Zac Brown

Cameron Carpentier

Jonathan Lehe

 Brennen Oliver

Jacob Thompson

See the article here

Your support helps us to offer world-class equipment, 

 training and coaching. 

Your donations are 

greatly appreciated!

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THANK YOU to our generous donors:

David Day

The Thompson Family

Casey Roche

Richard Ishler

Charlotte Running Company, Lake Norman/               Todd & Erica Joefreda, and Kelly Jenco

Pisces Restaurant, Mooresville / Raymond Lau

L&H Plumbing Contractors 

Kip's Home Improvements

Beth & Will Dixon

Twin Star International

Toyota Racing Team

Bond Mfg / Pete Carpentier

Bull Grills / Robbie Basinger

Greg and Kimberly Sheehan 

Tim and Wendy Portelance 

Bruce Wodder

Denise and Kevin Oliver

Eric & Liz Richard

Pete and Donna Carpentier


Thank You

We often hear that it takes a village and nowhere is that MORE true than in Pole Vaulting.   The coaches and vaulters we now call "family"  have helped, supported, celebrated, cheered, and commiserated with us all, from the home-field practice to High Point's Vault House to JDL FastTrack to Pole Vault Carolina to KMR Athletics, The Armory, NC A&T, The Akron PV Convention, The Olympic Trials and beyond, we honor you, we salute you and most of all we thank you:  

Coach Eric Richard, Rocket Man PV

Coach Eric Morell, Vault House

Coach Scott Houston, HPU

Coach Brian Riggs, KMR Athletics

Coach Jose SanMiguel, Pole Vault Carolina

Elite Vaulters Sean Young, Kat Majester,

     Aaron Unterberger

Elite Vaulter and Vlogger Shawn Francis

Coach Sparks, Mooresville HS

Jeff George, NCMilesplit

Bill Kiser, Charlotte Observer

Craig Longhurst, JDL FastTrack

Greg Sheehan 

Liam Dixon and family

Joe Popek and family

Ben Finger and family

Alina McDonald

Ben Watkins

Abby Murn

Carlos Neber Sosa Segovia

Jeff Tsang

Matt Broughton, Velocity Track Systems, a 

       division of Medallion Athletic Products

(if I neglected to add your name please drop me a line--you need to be recognized!)

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